Some Helpful Tips for using rice cookers

Rice cooker is a very useful appliance to have in a kitchen. Apart from making the perfect rice dish every time, you can utilize your rice cooker in so many other recipes as well. It is much more convenient and faster than most other conventional methods of cooking. Here are some tips for you to follow while using your rice cooker in order to get the most of it and increase its life:

Instruction manual:

Since all models are different and may have slight differences in their operation, it is important that you read the instruction manual carefully before operating rice cooker for the first time.

Amount of water:

You need to be aware of the exact quantity of water for every dish. The amount of water is especially important when it comes to rice. Read the instructions in the instruction manual regarding the amount of water for each type of rice. Rice cookers also have markings for the amount of water that is to be added. Follow that. If you fail to add the right amount of water, your rice dish will either be undercooked or overcooked.

Rinse the rice:

It is advisable to rinse the rice with tap water before you cook it in the rice cooker. Rinse the rice till the water appears clear. This will ensure that the cooked rice is not sticky and free from any talc which may cause health problems if consumed.

Type of spoon to use:

Do not use metal spoons that will leave scratches on the walls or base of the rice cooker.  Use a wooden or a nonstick spoon to stir the contents of the rice cooker.

Spray with nonstick cooking spray:

If you want to prevent the food from sticking of the walls and base of the rice cooker, spray its inside with nonstick cooking spray. It should be a good idea to read rice cooker buyer’s guide before going to purchase online.

Do not lift the lid:

Do not remove the lid of the rice cooker during the time the rice is being cooked. This will make the steam escape and increase the cooking time. Even after the rice is cooked, do not leave the lid open until you are ready to serve it. Leaving the lid open, will cause the moisture to escape and make your rice become dry.


Remember to unplug the device before beginning to clean it. Do not immerse the complete appliance in water. It usually has a removable bowl inside it in which you cook your food. Remove that and wash it with some mild dish soap and water. If other parts of the rice cooker have food stuck to it, you will have to clean that too. Allow it to dry completely before storing it.