Review of Omega M-2 Orion Massage Chair

Whenever we tend to buy something new, we spend a lot of time researching on it. We first see whether we actually need something of the sort, then we focus on what our price range to buy the product is. When that is done, we begin looking at our budget to see which brands fall in our range and in the end we compare candidates from our range to each other to see what brand offers the best product according to our needs. The purpose of this review is to help you get a better insight into the Omera M-2 massage chair so you may have an easier time deciding what to get and what to avoid.

First thing that we should get out of the way is that this is the entry level chair so it might be missing a few features that are present in the higher end models but the basic purpose of a massage chair is still fulfilled over here. The price of this specific model is a bit different depending on where you buy it from since it has been discontinued but it should be available under a thousand dollars at every place you check. If it is above that then you should definitely give a look somewhere else.

Starting off with customer service and warranty we see that Omega offers quite a lot when compared to its competitors for the same level chairs. We get a one year warranty on its frame, a six months warranty on parts, six months on shipping and also six months on labor. Its customer service is also quite competent and responds quickly to consumer problems. Therefore, the Omega M-2 Orion receives a very decent score in the after sales division.

Now we will be moving on to the design of the chair. A good massage chair should be designed in a way that allows the human body to sit in relaxed. It should deal with a wide variety of body sizes and should also be capable of taking on weight of about 300 pounds. These are some basic qualities of a decent massage chair. Let us see what the Omega M-2 Orion offers us. The chair has a very comfortable design which allows you to sit in easily and get started. The amount of recline available is also good as it can move between 117 and 150 degrees of rotation. If you are a tall person, this chair has got you covered. The leg extender available on it allows extension of up to 4 inches which might seem less on paper but in reality is a very huge extension. It also contains a calf massager that is designed carefully and gives great treatment for your calves at all times. For reading unbiased best massage chair reviews follow this link.

The Omega M-2 Orion massage chair is also very easy to use. There is not much to do when you want a massage. All you have to do is plug it in, set the settings for speed and intensity that you want and just get in. The massage chair will do the rest.

What’s the best weight loss system out there?

I know that this might sound shocking but there’s no such thing. Before you hit the back button let me explain. If there would be one perfect system then the weight loss industry would go bankrupt. Just think about it if you would have a working business model would it be worth it for you to close up shop after a few years? Of course not.

This is why the industry is cranking out the new next best thing. Be honest with yourself for a moment. How many diets did you buy in the past few years? Also how many amazing breakthrough weight loss workouts did you buy which you haven’t gotten around to use yet? I bet that there are a number of them in your closet somewhere gathering dust.

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This is the hard part. Same thing goes with diets as well. You need to set yourself the best time to start a diet. You need to go shopping for premium goods and of course there’s a strict schedule when you need to eat. What if there’s a meeting that lasts for eternity and you miss your window? Also because you’re on a diet your serotonin levels will fluctuate and you will be more likely to have cravings. The only way to satisfy them is by eating some junk food and there goes your diet.

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