Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Anonymous said...

Please post more pictures, your blog is part of my daily routine :)

Sweden (lover of Vietnam)

bitingmidge said...

HI Simon, I've just spent a lovely morning poring through your old posts! Did you know there is a new link to the City Daily Photo badge to replace the broken one? You can get it at

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

DP Beniwal said...


This is a wonderful blog! I enjoyed reading through it and admire your photography skills. I would like to introduce your blog to the readers of travel blog I maintain. It is based on the theme -fun, food and travel and includes guest blogging as it main feature. Please contact me for more details.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Vietnam tours said...

Thank you nice post. I like it.

Travel to Vietnam said...

A phôt great...

Anh Tran said...

To whom may I concern,
We are "AppKiddo", a start-up company (Apps development for small businesses), and we would like to know if we can advertise on your website. In this case, what is your prices range to do so?

See for more information about our company.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best Regards


bnbhanoi said...

Beautiful temple, is it in Hanoi?

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